We’re a group of engineers and technology geeks that always wants to find a better mouse trap. Through running a 40 year old industrial contracting firm that places equipment in some of the harshest conditions, we found that powder coating out performs all other surface treatment options, especially in tropical, marine and coastal conditions. It is with that knowledge that we found ourselves at a crossroads: whether to perform powder coating in house or sub-contract-out those needs. After contracting some of the work out, and attending powder coating conferences, it became evident that not all powder applicators are equal! Our desire to have a high quality, economical and consistently repeatable finish left us but with only one option: we needed control over the process. We saw a tremendous opportunity to leverage this technology both for our own needs and those of outside customers. Our leaders attended training classes and educational seminars in powder coating safety, technology, proper application, best practices and efficient business management. We then bought an existing powder coating operation, overhauled the process, initiated training and mentoring and installed a robust QAQC program.

We use the same mindset, commitment to quality and purposeful effort no matter who the end owner might be or size of job. We believe that real communication, mastering the technology and having fun working with the customer are the keys to our success!

Now, let’s geaux POWDER DAT!



POWDER DAT provides quality service and offers pickup and delivery of your project.